Physical Therapy

We Help You to Keep Moving

Our licensed physical therapists have expertise in helping patients recover from conditions including fall injuries, joint replacement operations, and limitations brought on by strokes. Your individualized treatment program is created based on your requirements to maximize your level of recovery.

Front Line’s mission is to offer proactive hand and physical rehabilitation.

The fitness regimens can benefit:

Improve overall strength
Decrease symptoms of illness
Improve breathing
Strengthen the heart
Lower blood pressure
Improve circulation
Decrease pain
Improve sleep and relaxation
Improve balance
Reduce risk for falls

Fall Prevention

One of the most common causes of fatal and non-fatal injuries, as well as hospital admissions for trauma, among older persons, is falling at home. One is forced to restrict their activities and social engagements due to a fear of falling. Physical deterioration, sadness, and social isolation may result from this.

What to Expect from Physical Therapy?

A physical therapist at Front Line assists patients at each stage of their treatment, from the first diagnosis through rehabilitative and preventive measures. Physical therapy can be combined with other therapies or used as a stand-alone treatment. Front Line’s mission is to offer proactive hand and physical rehabilitation. Therefore, regardless of how a patient arrives at a physical therapist’s clinic, they may anticipate:

  • You will be given a clinical diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, and short- and long-term objectives following a physical examination and assessment, which includes a medical record and specific testing techniques, such as posture, movement, flexibility, and muscle and joint mobility and performance.
  • Depending on the therapist’s diagnosis and assessment, get physical therapy treatments and therapies.
  • Get self-management guidance

Front Line In-Home Physical Therapy Services

The therapist assesses each patient’s particular needs on the initial visit. A personalized treatment plan is then developed by the physical therapist using the examination and therapy techniques that have been scientifically proved effective. The goal of the workout program is to assist people in regaining their health and leading regular lives again.

At Front Line Home Health Care, all physical therapists deliver skilled physical therapy treatments. They specialize in surgical and non-surgical patients and are qualified and licensed to treat various ailments. Many individuals we treat need care due to illnesses, impairments, or other conditions. In addition, PT is worried about individuals who want to live a healthier lifestyle and avert future problems. Front Line Home Health Care offers several services to assist you in getting back on your feet as soon as possible and safely.



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