Ostomy Care

Helping You Heal Through Ostomy

Recovering from a complex wound or recent ostomy procedure may make self-care hard to manage. The certified wound and ostomy care nurses at Frontline Home Care provide expert wound care and ostomy management in your home. We provide care that supports your recovery and helps prevent post-operative, acute or chronic wound complications.

With expert services from our nurses, you and your caregivers can safely manage your care to help you stay independent. Here’s what you can expect when you are referred to us:

Initial in-home assessment
Personalized care plan
Patient and family caregiver support
Adjustments to the care plan

Special Considerations of Ostomy Care

When patients are discharged from an inpatient facility, ensure that they have access to a community nurse, that they can clean their pouch system independently or with the assistance of a caregiver, that they have spare materials, and that they are informed of the signs and symptoms of health problems and where to seek help.

Patients with new food requirements due to an ileostomy or colostomy should see a wound care or ET nurse and be referred to a dietitian. They should give you an ostomy care plan that is all-inclusive.

Gas from the gut might block the ostomy bag, leading to a low but involuntary “farting” sound. Instead, patients can “burp” the bag via the top opening of a two-piece device by opening a corner of the ostomy bag from the top to allow the air out. Dietary restrictions may also help reduce the amount of gas produced in the intestines.


Frontline Ostomy Care Services

Our expert wound and ostomy care include the following services to help you enjoy a better quality of life at home and avoid the need for hospitalization. We help you adapt to life with an ostomy by connecting you with support groups and other resources. We listen to your concerns and help you confidently return to work, school, and other activities. Services we offer include: 


Skilled Care

Our nurses treat wounds, change dressings, monitor ostomies and provide injections, infusions, pain management, and other treatments.



We teach you and your caregivers about wound management and ostomy care, including how to change dressings and the ostomy pouch. In addition, we explain issues to watch for, such as new symptoms or treatment side effects.


Health Assessment

We carefully evaluate you to monitor your progress and check vital signs and symptoms. In addition, we address any issues that could lead to hospitalization. 

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